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Synchronous LED Screen

As a Synchronous LED Screen, it will cast the video signal on to the LED Screen directly. The word synchronous means the contents on the LED Screen is synchronized with the video signal. So these screens also be called as Video LED Screen.

Of course, when we talking about if an LED Screen is a Scynrhonous Screen or not, we actually talking about the controller behind it. Most LED screen modules can be used as Synchronous LED Screen just by install the Synchronous LED Controller onto it.

What does the Synchronous LED Controller looks like

As an Synchronous LED Controller, it always has the video port (usually in DVI type) for gather the video signal. And several signal port for connect onto the screen, which usually looks like the ethernet port.

As a PCI card

Most common controller looks just like a PCI card of X86 PC. And it does usually been installed inside the PC.

As a box

Sometimes the LED controller was installed in a box. There will be a power adapter inside this box. So you can power up the controller by connect an AC power cable onto the box directly. In this case you don't need a desktop PC to plug the card, but just connect the video signal onto this controller.

As a Video Processor

Now some Video Processor manufacturer also providing the Video Processor which can hold the LED Controller. So the video processor can be used to connect on to the LED Screen module directly.

As an IPC

Similar as Video Processor, sometimes the LED controller been embedded inside the IPC.

Wellknown LED Controller manufacturer

There are a lot of synchronous LED controllers on the market. Including:

Some LED Screen manufacturers has their own LED Controllers. It's only be used on their own projects. Including:

How to control the brightness of LED Screen

Generally speaking, you need to send command to the LED Controller, make it adjust the brightness of the screen.

Each different LED controller has their own method (protocol) to do that. So to adjust the screen brightness you need to use the software from the LED Controller manufacturer.

Kazo Vision providing several softwares for Synchronous LED Screen, which can control most of the Synchronous LED Controllers. This is based on our own technology, the program of us can communicate with each LED Controller directly. The function like adjust screen brightness need just some simple settings in the software. Most of the Synchronous Controllers can even be controlled through Linux system.

How LED Screen auto dimming works

The auto dimming function can make the LED Screen turn more bright in the daytime, and dim at the night. Some coutries even has laws for the LED Screen must dim at night.

There are two ways usually be used to dim the screen:

  1. Make a time schedule. So the screen brightness will adjust according to the schedule automatically everyday.
  2. Use a brightness sensor. The brightness sensor will detect the ambient light, then control the screen brightness according to some rules.
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