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Reduce data transfer under 3G network

Here is some tips about how to reduce the data transfer between the player and WEB server. In case your screen connect to the Internet by 3G/4G network, this can lower the daily cost of the network.

You may use the tool “terminal_configure.exe” in the pveditor's installation folder to config the player.

Web Communication Interval

By modify this value, you can control the interval of the communication between player and the WEB server. It can be changed to “00:01:00” if you want to reduce the communication times.

Compress transfer data

The communication data was compressed by default, which is more secure. You should keep this be selected.

Report Error Log

During the running of the player, it will save critical logs into a database file, and send back to the server during the communication. You may uncheck this option to reduce this data transfer.

Report Snapshot

You may close the snapshot transfer procedure by uncheck this option.

Report Play Log

You may close the play log transfer procedure by uncheck this option.

Apply the configuration to the player

After you finished the setting, choose the operating system type, and press the “export” button. This will generate an upgrade file for the player. You may then send this upgrade file to the player to use the new configuration.

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