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Sending a playlist

There are two methods on the PVEditor to send the playlist onto the player.

Send to Sign

The editor connecting to the player by a simple TCP connection. You will need to have a static IP or DNS for the PC of player.

This works directly if you are using the system in a LAN.

Sometimes its also works for the Internet.

  • If your player PC connecting with an ADSL modem directly. And your ADSL modem has a global IP address on the Internet. Just find out the IP address, which will be able to use directly. If the IP changes frequently (Each time the modem dialup, it gets an new IP), you can try use some dynamic DNS service.
  • If there is a router between your player PC and the ADSL modem, and you have the manager privilege on the router. You may set a port forwarding rule on the router, so any conenction from Internet will be forward onto the player PC. The PVPlayer uses port 9500.

Send to WEB

The “Send to WEB” function need to be use when you can not access the player directly. With this function, the editor will transfer the playlist onto a WEB server (which has a fixed DNS), and the player will download the playlist from the WEB server after that.

You may also monitor the status of the player with the WEB server.

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