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Server System Requirements

You may rental our server to manager your signs through Internet. Our engineer will maintenance the server. You may also create sub accounts for your customer. It's a good choice to start with the system by rental our server.

In case you want to setup a server of our PVManager system locally, here is the detailed requirements of the server.

Hardware Requirements

We need a physical server. Because we has a USB dongle which should be plug onto the server PC, Its used to control your license of server. The virtual server can not read the USB dongle, so which can not be used in this case.

According to the quantity of players you will going to connect into the server, the hardware requirement will be different. But usually an Intel i5 CPU, and 4G RAM is enough. The disk size you will need for the server is depending on the size of medias you will use in the future, usuall 500GB or more is needed.

Network Requirements

In case you will like to use the system under Internet. The server will need a static IP address or at least a fixed DNS for the players can communicate to. The best choice is use a Web Hosting Service, and put the server in the ISP. If you are hosting the server in your own office, which do not has a static IP, you may consider use a dynamic DNS service, like:

If all the players are in a local area network (or VPN). You can use the server in the same network, which will need a statis IP, and you should make sure all players can access the server.

We use port 8080 for communication between players and server. You should make sure this port on the server is accessable. Some other ports may also needed for maintenance purpose, but you can open them temporary only when you need a backend maintenance.

The communication is a single way from player to the server, or from editor to the server. Only the 8080 port on the server need to be open. Which means the player can be in a sub network (not connect to Internet directly, but through one or several routers), and it can be protected with a firewall.

Software Requirements

As the OS of the server, a Ubuntu server is recommended. You may download from here

The main application and libraries we will need on the server including: tomcat, php, mysql, memcache, mongodb, and mencoder. It's our job to install them. But when you rental a pre-installed server, you may need to confirm this with your provider.

WEB Service Installation

After you prepared the server PC, and installed the operating system. You should create an remote access account for us (usually in SSH). And plug the USB dongle which we provided onto the server. Then our engineer will install the service program for you remotely.

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