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Ultra Score & Live Video

Ultra Score can work together with a Live Video. There are variants of visual effect you must choose.

Switch between Live Video and Scoreboard Screen in Full Screen

Run Ultra Score program on the PC, connect it's video signal on to the Video Processor as one of the channel. The Live Video also be connect to the Video Processor as another channel.

Then you may switch between the Live Video and Scoreboard Screen at any time by operate on the Video Processor. You may also using the composite effect on the video processor.

Display the Live Video as a window on the Scoreboard

With the media display function of Ultra Score, you may display video, image, and even the video signal. With the video signal display function, the Live Video can be captured into the PC, and displayed on the scoreboard window directly.

You may follow these steps to apply this effect:

  1. Plug a video capture card onto the PC which running the Ultra Score. (Both PCI, PCIe, and USB video capture card should work).
  2. Modify the scoreboard layout with Layout Editor program. Move display items if necessary, to make sure they won't be displayed in the Live Video window area. This can prevent the display items (like time or score) be covered by the Live Video.
  3. In the Ultra Score program, add a Video Signal item into the playlist. Modify the settings of media display, specify the display window's position, so it won't be displayed as full screen.
  4. During the match, by play the playlist which include the Video Signal item, the Live Video will be displayed inside the scoreboard.

Display the Live Video beside the Scoreboard

  1. The most easy way is using a seperate LED Controller for the Live Video area. So the Live Video can be import from a Video processor directly.
  2. Use some other multimedia display program for the Live Video area, like our Lyrebird. Each program display contents on half of the whole screen.

Overlap the Score on the Live Video

You can use our Sports Live Video system together with Ultra Score system. Which will overlap the score and timing information on to the real time video signal. And output the mixed video signal to the LED Screen.

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