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How to use with LED Screen

Can I use Ultra Score with my LED screen

You will need to find out if your LED Screen is a Synchronous LED Screen. Which means it takes digital video signal (usually with DVI port) as input, and display the contents on to the LED screen synchronously.

When you are using the synchronous LED controller, the scoreboard displaying on the PC can be transmit onto the LED screen automatically.

The best way to find out if its working is download our evaluation program and have a try.

What if I want to use the asynchronous LED system

You should use our asynchronous LED controller, and we will customize the system for your according to the screen size, and the match types. It's not recommended, but you may try contact us if you insist to use it.

How to make the scoreboard display on the LED screen

Synchronous LED Screen use such kind of mechanism: it will cast a specified area from the input video signal onto the LED screen.

So what you will need to do is going to find out the position of this area. Usually you can find it from the LED control software. Input these parameters into Ultra Score, it will then display the scoreboard on the correct position, and show on the LED Screen.

Can I use Ultra Score on a Dual Color LED screen

The dual color LED screen can only display contents with RED, GREEN, and YELLOW, sometimes it support multi gray levels. It's no problem to use Ultra Score on this kind of system.

For the best visual effects, you may need to change all text in the scoreboard within above three colors. Which can be done through our LayoutEditor tools.

It's the same to the Mono Screen. In this case you will need to change all text into RED.

Can I use Ultra Score together with a Video Processor

Yes, and you have two options:

  1. Turn off the zooming function on the Video Processor. And set the scoreboard window in Ultra Score as the same resolution as your LED screen. Then make the video signal from the Ultra Score PC as an input of the Video Processor. So every time you use this channel on the Video Processor, the scoreboard will be shown on the LED screen straight forward.
  2. Use the zooming function of Video Processor. In this case, you need to set the scoreboard window of Ultra Score to display full screen on one of your desktop. So the video signal from Ultra Score will be as same as the other video signals (DVD, Video Camera), you may switch them freely on the video processor.

Can I use Ultra Score on multiple LED screens in a stadium

Yes. We have network edition of Ultra Score program. Which can display the scoreboard on several PC in the same time. You may reference Ultra Score Solutions for details.

What if I have several LED screens with different resolution. Can I show scoreboard on them in the same time

Yes. We can customize the software for you, make the scoreboard looks different on each screen. So for a small LED screen, not all information will be displayed.

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