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Related Play Function

The RELATED PLAY function could synchronize the contents between two windows. You can use it to display special texts or images when another window displaying some advertisings.

Here is the steps about how to use this function.

Open the PVEditor, create two windows in the PVEditor.

Select the window of A, and choose “+” to add media file. We take the “Image File” for example.

Then select the widow of B, and choose “+” to add media. We take the “Text” for example.

Double click the image file in window A, and click the bottom-left button, then choose RELATED PLAY from the drop down menu.

choose the window B in “Set Related Play…” dialog.

Then click “New” to create a “Text”, this text will be then displayed in window B only when the image appear.

When this playlist been sent to the player, it will play the text of “Basketball” on window B when the the image of basketball displaying on window A.

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